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Ghana Mountaineers

Don't be betrayed by destinations. The Beauty is in the Walking.

Reaching beyond Ghana

Ghana is a great country for hiking and outdoor activities and we have some truly exciting and adventurous hikes in our portfolio. There are also great rock climbing sites and challenges but unfortunately we do not have "real" mountains in Ghana.

That is why we organize at least every other year, ideally every year, a project in which we aim to climb one of the higher mountains in Africa and on other continents. As Ghana Mountaineers we have so far organized successful climbs of Mount Cameroon, Jebel Toubkhal, Mount Bintumani, Mount Kenya and also managed to climb some of the peaks around Cape Town in South Africa.

Future planned projects include the Rwenzori Mountains in East Africa, the Semien Mountains in Ethiopia, Mount Meru in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Pico de Sao Tome. Of course another climb in the Atlas Mountains is also always tempting and Mount Kenya is worth many more visits.

For people interested in joining we offer training and advise and we organize the complete tour starting in Ghana.

You can use our feedback form to ask for further info on ongoing projects and to submit ideas for future projects.

GM Projects

Rwenzoris, 09.12.-21.12.2016

The Rwenzori (Mountains of the Moon) are on the Uganda / Congo border and its peaks rise just above 5000 meters. 

We are in the early stages of planning a 9-day guided tour in the Rwenzoris with an attempt to climb Margherita Peak (5,109 m). Participation is limited and we are currently looking at 09.12. -21.12.2016 as the time frame. 

While this climb is not technically difficult, you need to be very fit and healthy and able to do daily walks of 4 -  8 hours in high altitude. Experience in walking with crampons and on glaciers is helpful, but not required.

For residents in Ghana, we organise the flight, tour, visa, etc. and provide appropriate training and advise on equipment for all participants. For Participants outside of Ghana we organise all except flight and visa.

If interested in further details and participation, please contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Monte Rosa, 2015

This project did not go as planned, but was still a big success. We drove to Zermatt on the 29th of July in heavy rain. On arrival, everybody told us the weather will be better the next day, but we could not really believe it.

However, during the night, the sky cleared up and we were able to ascent Breithorn, 4165 m, under perfectly blue sky. We took off in Zermatt at 06:30 AM and used the cable car up to Klein Matterhorn at a height of 3,800 meters. From there we crossed the glacier in the south of Breithorn, then ascended through snow to the col at 4,022 meters. From there we climbed through rock and smaller snow fields to the summit. Climbing is not difficult, but exposed in some parts.

It took us about 4.5 hours to the summit and then a quick 1.5 hours descent back to the cable car.

Due to bad weather predicted for Saturday we were not able to proceed as planned and climb Dufourspitze on Saturday but decided to climb Rimpfischhorn, 4,199m, on Friday.

We climbed to Fluhalp Refuge on 30.07. to spend the night there and started our tour to Rimpfischhorn at 03:00 AM the next day. It took us 6 hours to the summit at 4.199 meters and four hours back. This was a great tour with plenty of snow, ice, and rock. Again the climbing itself is not too difficult but partly very exposed.

Saturday we left Zermatt in heavy rain with a promise to return for the summit of Dufourspitze.

Cape Town, 2014

Devil's Peak, Lion Head and Table Mountain are not high but they are prominent landmarks around the city of Cape Coast and when there, you just HAVE to climb them. Not with the cable car, that is for tourists. Hikers walk.

Lion's head is something that can be done before breakfast or after work. It is a great hike and well marked. It takes about an hour to get to the top and the view over Cape Town is spectacular. 

For Devil's Peak and Table Mountain you should calculate more time. Unfortunately we had bad weather with lots of rain and fog and it was terribly cold. But it was still a great hike. We climbed devils peak and then over to table mountain and reached back in Cape Town late in the evening.


Mount Kenya, 2014

Mount Kenya is the most beautiful mountain in Africa. That is our firm believe. Batian (5199m) and Nelion (5188m) are Mt Kenya’s highest peaks, climbing them is said to be some of the best technical alpine climbing in the world. It is certainly the highest technical climbing route in Africa.

We reached Shipton camp at 4,200 meters after two days and after another day of acclimatization we reached Mount Lenana at 4,985 meters on the fourth day. From there we descended to Austrian Hut at approx 4,800 meters to spend another night. At 05:00 am on the 26.02. we attempted the technical climb to Nelion and at approx. 01:30 PM we reached the summit. After a short break we rappelled down and finally after crossing Lewis glacier again we reached the Austrian Hut around 06:00 PM.

We had phantastic weather throughout and the most professional team of guides and porters to support us. Due to bad weather conditions a few days before the traverse to Batian was full of ice so unfortunately we could not make it without spending a night at the top of Nelion. 

Or maybe fortunately, because now we have some unfinished business at Mount Kenya and therefor a reason to come back. 

Mount Bintumani, 2013

With 1945 m Mount Bintumani is the highest peak in Sierra Leone and part of the Loma mountains in the northeast of the country. Due to the remote location of the mountain it is already an adventure to reach its base. 

From the village at the base of the mountain we climbed through steep tropical rain forest up to a plateau where we spent the night. On the second day we reached the summit. There is no technical climbing experience required but the last part requires some scrambling.

Bintumani is a mountain with great potential for tourism. There is lots of plant- and wildlife to be seen - buffaloes, antilopes, hyrax, birds, and monkeys.  There is a river running at the side of the plateau. This allows to stay longer on the mountain since you do not need to carry all the water along. From the plateau a variety of hikes can be done and the summit of the mountain gives opportunity for great rock climbing.

Definitely a mountain worth visiting again.


Jebel Toubkhal 2009

In 2009, Ghana Mountaineers climbed Jebel Toubkhal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. The summit at 4,167 m. can be reached without any technical climbing skills but as usual, weather conditions and the altitude need to be considered. 

We had the hike organised by a local tour operator and the hospitality and the professionalism of the Moroccans was impressive. We were picked up in Marrakesch, transferred to Imlil at the base of the Atlas Mountains and the next day we hiked for approx. 7 hours through a beautiful valley along a stream to the Toubkhal Refuge at 3,200 meters. Our luggage was carried by mules and the guides prepared a great lunch for us in the middle of a beautiful mountain scenery. 

The second day, we climbed to the summit. It was tough, but very well worth it.

Morocco is a beautiful country and the Atlas Mountains offer fantastic trekking, climbing and mountaineering opportunities. 

We desperately want to go there again.

Mount Cameroon, 2008

Mount Cameroon is the highest mountain in West and Central Africa and an active volcano. It rises up to 4,040 meters. The summit can be reached without any technical climbing but due to the quick rise in altitude and fast changing weather conditions it should not be underestimated. 

We started off in Buea and reached the summit two days later. After another night in a forest camp we reached Buea again on the evening of the third day.

Mount Cameroon is a great experience and Cameroon itself is a fantastic country with very friendly people and lots of things to do and explore.