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Ghana Mountaineers

Don't be betrayed by destinations. The Beauty is in the Walking.

GM About

Ghana Mountaineers

We - the Ghana Mountaineers - are experts for outdoor activities in Ghana and offer you a variety of hikes, tours and activities. We have long years of experience in outdoor activities and mountaineering, both in Europe and Westafrica. 

With the Ghana Mountaineers you can experience Ghana off the beaten tracks and enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife that Ghana offers often not far outside the major cities.

While we concentrate on hiking and rock climbing, we offer a variety of activities and training programs for all age groups and fitness levels. ( see area of activities )

Our guides are trained and experienced in outdoor skills and First Aid and we regularly employ the services of external experts for some of our training courses and hikes.

In collaboration with our partners, we also organise tours from Ghana to other mountains and major summits in Africa.

Area of Activities

We have a large variety of one day hiking tours that take you out of Accra and into the quiet and beautiful landscape around. While there is no wildlife comparable to Eastern and Southern Africa, you will enjoy nature while getting some exercise with a good chance to spot some wildlife.

We also offer hikes that include camping and overnight stays in the bush and have a number of outdoor training activities that will keep you in shape and prepare you for the outdoors.

  • one / two day hikes and camping tours
  • canoeing
  • endurance and speed hiking
  • traditional rock climbing
  • outdoor skills training
  • outdoor first aid
  • educational hikes
  • kids activities
  • package tours for active holidays
  • team-building activities
  • customized hikes and packages



Ghana Mountaineers aims to give active people in Ghana and from outside the opportunity to

  • enjoy nature and the outdoors
  • get some exercise ( better than ANY gym ) and have fun
  • improve their outdoor skills 
  • obtain and improve knowledge about nature in Ghana
  • get to know Ghana from a different, exciting side
  • test and go beyond their physical and mental limits
  • prepare for mountaineering projects
  • meet active people with similar interests

A major concern of the Ghana Mountaineers is to introduce children to nature, hiking and outdoor activities. To achieve this, we organize regular activities and hikes specifically tailored for the capabilities and needs of children.

Finally, we want to raise the awareness for the necessity to respect and to protect nature and the environment in Ghana.






Ghana Mountaineers are active in Ghana since the early 1990s. We started off as a small group of expats, mainly from Switzerland and Germany, used to an active outdoor lifestyle and suddenly confronted with big city life in Accra and very limited possibilities to be active in nature.

But not for long.

We discovered the beautiful landscapes and nature that Ghana offers and we were happy to explore. Since then we have hiked and climbed, we swam and rowed, we sweated and suffered, we explored trails and non-trails all over Ghana and have learned to appreciate the possibilities this country offers for active, adventurous people. We also have learned that - like everywhere - nature can be quite unforgiving and learned our lessons.

The size and membership of the group has changed over the years and the interest in our activities grew steadily. Finally the core members of the group decided to take this to the next level and we are now happy to offer our services as a professional and registered tour company in Ghana.

And as in the early 1990s, our strong believe is that it is not the summit that counts, but the group and the hike. 

Don't be betrayed by destinations. The Beauty is in the Walking.

Six Rules of

( Jim Huebner )
  1. Climb with passion.
  2. No guts, no glory.
  3. Expect dead ends.
  4. Never turn your back on your partner.
  5. Never look where you don’t want to go.
  6. There’s always room on the rope for a person with honor.