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Ghana Mountaineers

Don't be betrayed by destinations. The Beauty is in the Walking.

Team-building with Ghana Mountaineers

Team-building with Ghana Mountaineers is always outdoors and always involves physical efforts. All team-building exercises incorporate the idea that the team has to discuss and decide together on how to reach preset objectives and solve tasks on the way. No task can be completed alone in the given time frame with the provided materials. It is therefore essential that teams communicate and cooperate and work together to be successful.

Teams have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 members, but our programs can be expanded to include up to 50 participants.

A typical outbuilding exercise is a hike where

  • the team has to discuss several possibilities on how to reach the destination
  • the team has to elect a leader or a team of leaders who will lead them to the destination
  • the team will have to locate materials or a “treasure” that will enable the team to
    • solve tasks and problems that will develop on the way or
    • cross obstacles on the way
  • the complete team must reach the destination together with the “treasure”
  • the team will be debriefed at the destination to learn from the experiences that were made.

In all team-building exercises we can adjust parameters to suit the characteristics of your team.

Depending on the program you choose and the physical fitness of your teams, the team-building exercises might push them to their limits and improve their ability to function as a team under pressure and under stress.

During the whole exercise, each team will be accompanied by an experienced Ghana Mountaineer.

But, it is not supposed to be only stress and sweat. So all team-building exercises usually end with a big Bush BBQ.


Hike Challenge

This is ideal for smaller teams with a max of 10 members. 

Teams will receive tools and information on how to reach a specific destination with one or several points that must be passed during the hike. At these points the teams will be confronted with certain tasks or challenges that can only be resolved as a group.

The Hike Challenge can be very well adjusted and tailored to the physical capabilities and the experience of your teams, but it will bring your teams to their physical limits and will force them to work together in order to reach the objectives.

The duration of the hike challenge very much depends on the teams, but is usually between 3 - 6 hours.

It ends with a BBQ or similar get together at the destination.

Bull's Eye

This is very similar to the hike challenge, except that we can accommodate a larger number of teams.

The teams will start their hikes from different locations but will all head for the central meeting point, the Bull's Eye. The first challenge is to decide on how to get to the Bull's Eye, the second challenge is to find it.

Again, the team will have to pass a number of checkpoints and at these checkpoints will be confronted with tasks and challenges that can only be solved as a team.

Like in the hike challenge, parameters of the exercise can be adjusted to fit the capabilities of your teams.

Bull's Eyes is ideal for a large number of participants which will be divided into teams of max. 10 participants. 


Team Building Circuit

This is a circular hike with several tasks and challenges along the way. Some of these tasks challenge the individuals physically and mentally, while other tasks can again only be solved as a team. 

In this exercise the teams do not have to concentrate much on how to find their way, but will be able to focus more on the tasks and challenges along the way.

The Team Building Circuit is ideal for a number of medium sized teams.