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05th – 07th July, 2019

Roof of Ghana

Time to establish some facts, so we went on a myth-buster expedition.
Friday we drove up to Liati Wote, the village at the base of Mount Afadjato. We spent the night at Tagbo Falls Lodge and early on Saturday morning we climbed to Afadajato and into the clouds and onto Mount Aduadu.
From there it took us a bit of searching but we found the highest point in Ghana, Lakleta.

Long hike ( 10 hours, 27 km ) through beautiful landscapes and with great people.

After another night at the Lodge, we had a relaxed hike to the Tagbo Falls on Sunday morning and then back to Accra.

And here are the facts:

Mount Afadjato, 590 meters
Mount Aduadu, 765 meters
Mount Lakleta, 908 meters

29th June, 2019

Climbing practice

Good fun and great practice.  And we were very lucky with the weather. Just a little bit of rain.

We need to continue. Practice, practice, practice. 🙂

23th June, 2019

Farewell to the Viking

One of our most adventurous, strongest hiker and explorer has a new posting outside Ghana.

We wished him farewell with a fitting hike. Lots of climbing, caving, rappelling, exploring and a nice BBQ.

Great day. We wish you all the best.

16th June, 2019

Yoga Hike

From here it was another 60 minutes to the summit where a great vegetarian lunch waited for the participants. Chef Mitch had prepared a Moroccan vegetable stew with homemade harissa paste and some special yogurt sauce. We also had vegetable kebabs from Amouh, our great Egyptian butcher. And of course bread from Susete, who simply makes the best bread in Accra.

From there, we were led through a walking meditation down the mountain and then hiked over to the bus for some cold drinks.

An excellent day full of interesting activities with a great group and a delicious lunch. 

To be repeated. 

09th June, 2019

First aid training at Mount Krobo

Great day and hike on Mount Krobo with first aid lessons taught by the experts.

Lots of info and lots of fun and a nice BBQ before heading for some cold drinks.

Great day, with great lessons and a great company.

Thanks to everybody.

08th June, 2019

Trail running Kranbote

12 km in flat but muddy terrain with a great international team.

Runners from Belgium, Denmark, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, UK and of course Ghana.

Not always easy to find the trail, but in the end, everybody made it back to the bus.

Great day out in the plains.

01st & 02nd June, 2019

Camping with the Juniors, Mt. Adaklu

Great camping weekend with the Junior Mountaineers. Had a short hike on the way to Adaklu and then set-up the tents. The kids did this with expert skills, so that even a heavy tropical thunderstorm could not stop them from sleeping in the tents.

Lots of games, food cooked on an open fire and some interesting sports sessions.

Excellent camping, great kids.

26th May 2019

Trail Running – Mount Osuwangyo

Nice, but strenuous run with a small and dedicated team with Fearless Sam leading.

Total of 10 km with some steep and very steep sections. Easy run as far as navigation is concerned, but difficult in regards to fitness. And the heat does not help. 🙂

Well done and congrats to all runners.

19th May 2019

Peak Hopping

We started with great hiking weather. Blue sky and still a bit cool from the night. 

By the time we climbed our 5th peak, it was already super hot and the approaching thunderstorm was welcome when it hit us when we were on the last and steepest ascent. 

Torrential rain and we continued our hike in and above the clouds. 

Great hikers and a memorable hike in a beautiful landscape.

18th May 2019

Skills Training Junior Mountaineers

Last skills training before the camping weekend with the Junior Mountaineers. Games, food, equipment check, first aid training.

Lots of fun with really great kids and motivated and skilled guides. 

We are ready for Adaklu Camping.

11th May 2019

Junior Mountaineers on the move

After a rather long break, the Junior Mountaineers were on the move again.

After some stretching and a warm-up workout, we hiked across the plains and then into the jungle. We moved on hidden trails and through dense vegetation.
After a nice BBQ lunch – prepared by the guides, and distributed by the Juniors – we started a hasty return to the buses. There was rain in the air and we heard distant thunder.

In the end, the thunderstorm did not get us, but the rain did.

Great fun with a great group of kids. We are ready for camping !!

04th May, 2019

Adaklu Climbing Exploration

New Project: We are going to climb the Adaklu Cliff.

Gruesome approach on a 50-degree slope with dense vegetation. Scrambled and climbed up the cliff about 45 meters and established two belay/rappel points. Still, a long way to go, but we have time.

Thank you to our great host and very good friend Emmanuel Chance from Chances Hotel in Ho.

We will be back to continue the climb. Adaklu is a hikers and climbers paradise.

May Day, 01.05.2019

May Day Hike

May day celebration in the Kranbote Hills with a great group.

Best hiking weather in a long time and after a nice, relaxed hike through the hills we met Fearless Sam at the firepit and had a very great BBQ.

On the way back we almost missed the bus, but then, that’s part of a GM hike :-).

Sunday, April 28th 2019

Osuwangyo Cliff Climbing

Back on the cliff and because of heavy rain the previous night, it was wet and partly slippery.

Still managed to climb the first two pitches, and these are set now for trad climbing.

The third pitch is no problem at all, but for the fourth, we still need to come back and do some work.

Great day.

Monday, 22nd April, 2019

Osuwangyo Traverse

On Easter Monday we went for a nice and relaxed, medium-distance hike on Mount Osuwangyo.

We ascended the standard trail to the summit and then descended the very steep southern side of Mount Osuwangyo to a great viewpoint where we had a short breakfast break.

From there it was just another 30 minutes of easy descending and then back on the trail to the bus.
A great group and we proved that you can exercise AND relax at the same time.

The total hiking duration was about 5.5 hours ( including breaks ) and we hiked for about 12 km.

Sunday, 14th April, 2019

Hackbraten II

We went back to the cliff, which feels like a second home now. If only the approach was a bit less brutal.

Climbed the second pitch, had coffee on Hackbraten ledge, and BBQ at the campsite. We gain weight on these expeditions.

Then we realized that there is a third and even a fourth pitch.

We are coming back.