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Sponsor a Junior Mountaineer

Our Junior Mountaineers programs aim to provide an opportunity for the children

  • to be active and to exercise outdoors
  • to experience adventures and explore nature
  • to realize the beauty of the outdoors in general and of Ghanaian nature especially
  • to value nature and to understand the importance of protecting the environment
  • to learn how to work with each other and to get to know other children with different backgrounds and origins

We would love the participation of more Ghanaian children in our program to spread the above experiences and we believe that it will benefit all Junior Mountaineers if they can share their experiences and knowledge.

Sponsorship Program

The costs and expenses for joining the Junior Mountaineers are beyond the reach of many Ghanaian families and while many would love to let their children join a program like the Junior Mountaineers, especially lower-income families will have other priorities.

If you know children of deprived families and you would like to take up a sponsorship for one or several children, please contact us at