Junior Mountaineers

With our Junior Mountaineers group we want to give kids in Accra the opportunity to be active and learn about outdoor living and hiking.

We teach the children various skills for living outside - fire skills, shelter building, water purification, first aid - etc. -  and we take them on hikes and adventures outside Accra.

They enjoy the opportunity to be out and to explore, to be active and to meet friends and other children. 

Our aim is to show them the beauty of nature and make them value the need to protect the environment. And - almost as a side effect - they learn to watch out for each other and to take care of each other.

The Junior Mountaineers are truly our pride and joy.


The activities for the Junior Mountaineers are organized in semesters and more or less based on the school year. One semester runs from September to January, the other semester runs from February to June.

In each semester we have three skills trainings in Accra, three hikes outside Accra, and one camping weekend outside Accra. The camping weekend in the dry season is deep in the bush, but in the rainy season we usually stay close to guest house or other kind of shelter.

The activities are on Saturdays and we usually meet every three weeks. 

The skills trainings are held on the premises of the German Swiss International School, Accra, and run from 09:00 to approx. 12:30. We usually end the skills training with some hot dogs from the BBQ or some soup noodles lunch.

For the hikes we usually meet at 06:00 at the German Swiss International School, Accra, and then drive with buses to the hiking destination. Normally we are back in Accra at 14:00. During the hike, the Juniors will prepare a simple lunch on open fire.

Skills Training

Each skills training starts with a short warm-up and sports session.

We then introduce the Juniors to various outdoor topics and survival skills like

  • equipment basics
  • fire skills
  • shelter building
  • water purification
  • maps and compass skills
  • basic knot
  • etc.

Each skills training includes one First Aid topic.


Junior Hikes

When hiking with the Junior Mountaineers with have a guide ratio of max. 1:8. Depending on the destination, the Juniors are sometimes split into age groups and the olders hike a more difficult or longer route, while the younger ones hike at a slower pace or shorter distance to the meeting point. In any case, we make sure that the youngest ones are not overloaded and can still enjoy the activity.

Once we meet up, we practice the skills learned and build shelter, cook food, do some first aid exercises, or simply explore the surroundings.

Around noon it is usually time to return to the buses and head back for Accra.


Time to proof your skills and absolutely the greatest adventure for the Junior Mountaineers. 

We head out in groups and hike to the campsite. Once the camp is setup, we cook on open fire and after dinner and some ghost stories we go for night hikes. Next morning, breakfast from open fire tastes just fantastic.

Or we rathre drive to the campsite and climb one of the higher mountains of Ghana: Afadjato, Adaklu, Gemi, and many more are on the list. 

Certainly a great way to end the semester.



Age range

8 - 12 years

Registration dry season semester

01st - 31st August

Registration rainy season semester

01st - 31st January

To register, download and fill the registration form and send with the semester fee to 


Junior Mountaineer Rules

  • Always listen and follow instructions by the guides.   
  • We start as a team, work and hike as a team, and return as a team.
  • Watch over each other and take care of each other.
  • Do not leave the group without informing a guide.
  • Do not make fire without permission from a guide.
  • Do not walk with open knifes.
  • No fighting.
  • Do not eat or drink anything you find in the bush.
  • Talk to a guide if you do not feel well.
  • No fire in the tents. No open knife in the tents.
  • Always listen and follow instructions by the guides.