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Hiking in nature is one of the best ways to relax the mind and get a good workout at the same time. Hiking is a cardio exercise and going up and down hills will surely get your heart rate going. The weight on your back and the constant need to check and balance your load give you a good muscular workout as well.

Hiking in the fresh air improves sleep quality, reduces stress, reduces anxiety and relaxes the mind. With Ghana Mountaineers you hike with like-minded people from all areas of life, with a possibility of making new friends.

Most of all: Hiking is fun (for some type 2 fun)

We have a variety of scheduled hikes for all fitness levels. From easy and relaxed, to adventurous and totally exhausting. Scheduled hikes are open to the public. Check our info page for how to join and contact us if you want to organize an individually tailored hike for yourself  or your group.

What you need

  • Good comfortable shoes – preferably hiking boots
  • Backpack; big enough to carry your drinking water and personal stuff

We recommend to calculating 1 liter of water per hour of hiking

  • sun protection ( hat & lotion )
  • snacks for the breaks

Below is a list of the different types of hikes we schedule regularly, with a short description. Each hike has a more detailed description available in our email list.

Standard Hikes

These are ideal to get started with hiking in Ghana or to test new shoes and equipment and if you simply want to have a nice, relaxed time out in the bush.

The distance is usually short ( 6 – 8 km ) and most of the hike is on trail. Ascents are moderate and few.

We sometimes combine our standard hikes with a simple bush BBQ and have a lot of time for breaks and to enjoy the view. 

Extreme Hikes

Extreme hikes are great adventures. They involve some serious and steep ascents/descents, often require some scrambling, and lead us off-trail – sometimes through dense vegetation. 

Climbing skills are not required, but you need to be sure-footed, fit, and not afraid of heights.

The distance is still moderate, usually around 8 – 10 km.

Endurance Hikes

Endurance hikes are long, usually starting from 20 km and going up to 30 km. These hikes are ideal for training endurance.

Endurance hikes usually lead through flat terrain with a few moderate to steep ascents in between. Duration is between 6 – 8 hours and with the drinking water each participant has to carry, these hikes are a really good workout and preparation for bigger mountaineering projects like Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenia, or other summits.

Our longest and toughest hike in this category is the yearly 3 Peaks XL – a real outdoor and hiking challenge.

Culinary Hikes / BBQ Hikes

On these hikes, we focus less on hiking and more on eating.

We hike for a moderate distance and mostly on-trail to a campsite somewhere in the bush where we either prepare a nice BBQ and have some cold drinks or – even better – we are already expected by The Chef, our acclaimed outdoor cook and artist, for a great lunch and some cold drinks.

The Chef prepares mouth-watering international dishes with a Ghanaian touch on an open fire.

These hikes are really fun and delicious.

River Hikes

Our famous and infamous river hikes will take you on a real adventure, diving into nature. The hikes take us along rivers and often in the river through the deep jungle and we move from waterfall to waterfall.

River hikes are amongst the most beautiful hikes we have, but they are also difficult and for experienced hikers only. You need to be able to swim and you need to be fit and ready to get dirty, wet, scratched and bruised.

It is worth it. 

Explorer Hikes

Explorer hikes are by invitation only. We usually start very early and since we are exploring new routes and areas, we often have no idea what to expect and when we will be back.

You need to be fit, tough and have some hiking experience. Basic climbing, belaying and rappelling skills are of advantage. 

Great adventures into the unknown.

Skills Hikes

With the skills hikes, we offer you the opportunity to acquire essential outdoor and mountaineering skills. Most skills hikes are single-day hikes, but some require an overnight stay or hike. Amongst the skills training we offer:

  • outdoor first aid & rescue
  • day and night navigation
  • campsite planning & logistics
  • hiking preparation & expedition planning
  • basic survival skills
  • rope bridge building & crossing

For all trainings, we have experts at hand or cooperate with external organizations and individuals.

Overnight Hikes / Camping

Spending a night out in the Accra plains or hiking during a full moon night in the highlands is an experience you should not miss while in Ghana. 

On our overnight hikes – usually during a full moon night, we start the hike in the evening and hike to a viewpoint or waterhole where we set-up a simple camp and retire for the night. In the morning, the opportunity to see birds and wildlife is great and after a simple but delicious breakfast cooked on an open fire, we hike back. 

Camping is a bit more luxurious and we have beautiful campsites all over southern Ghana where you can experience the beauty and serenity of a night out in the bush.

Yoga Hike

We take you on a nice, relaxed hike on beautiful trails to a great location for some serene and relaxed yoga sessions under the guidance of a licensed yoga instructor.

After the yoga, we continue the hike to our lunch location where you will be served a vegetarian lunch, cooked on an open fire.

On the way back to the bus, you will be taken through a walking meditation.

Different from our usual activities, but great fun and very interesting.