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GM Training

Sadly, we currently do not offer our usual GM Training, but we are expecting to start again soon. Instead, here are a few tips on what to focus on when creating your own workout plan.

You must decide how you will approach your training according to your current fitness level. Make the exercises fit your body, not the other way around. If something hurts, modify the exercise, or skip it.

Move at your pace! You should have at least one day a week to rest in your training plan. Take extra rest days if you’re in pain- just listen to your body. In addition, every 4 -6 weeks you should have a week where the training load reduces by 25%-50% to allow full-body recovery.

Fitness Training Overview

Start with a warm-up, then stretch, continue with your personalized training and end with another stretch.

When developing a personalized training plan a mountaineer requires multiple types of training:

  • Cardio workouts: weight-bearing activities like trail running, hiking, cycling, swimming, boxing, dancing etc.
  • Interval sessions: e.g., running 400-meters at your goal km pace, 60 seconds walking or jogging slowly and repeat 10 times. Can be done on a treadmill, with a bicycle, whiles running, or with an elliptical machine.
  • Strength and endurance exercises: focus on major leg muscles and your core muscles
  • Balance and flexibility: balance can be done with core exercise and flexibility can be achieved with stretching or yoga
  • Hiking Days: at least once a week, whiles focusing on packing weight and gaining elevation. 

GM Fitness Training


Workout plan for a week.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Tuesday and Thursday




Cardio, 45-90 minutes

Intervals, 30-45 minutes

Hiking Day




2-3 sets




Guide Training

To enable GM guides to assist and help other hikers and climbers in emergencies or extraordinarily challenging situations, the guides must be able to carry a minimum of 60% of their body weight in steep and uneven terrain over considerable distances. In addition, they must be able to run a minimum of 15 km with a 15 kg backpack and swim 500 meters in full clothing.

The training is meant to develop the specific endurance and strength necessary to act professionally as a GM guide even when the going gets rough

This is only for GM Guides and by invitation. 

0ur activities and events are scheduled 3-4 months in advance on our Website Calendar, Instagram Page and on our Facebook Page