GM Training

Training for mountaineering includes developing cardiovascular fitness as well as training endurance, strength and balance. In our training on Thursday evenings, we include exercises specifically targeting the second part: endurance, strength and balance. You still need to run. :-)

The training is informal and open to everyone, not only for "mountaineers". Beginners and experienced athletes are welcome and we are open for any ideas and suggestions on how to improve our training.

There is a training fee involved, currently GHS 10.00 of which GHS 5.00 go to the school for using the premises and GHS 5.00 go into a pool for buying new equipment. Or having a party. Whichever comes first.


Thursdays, 17:30


60 minutes


GHS 10.00 ( see above )


none, just come

Training Setup

  • main exercises include weighted box steps, sandbag walks, tyre flipping, sledge pulling, peg board, pullups, rope battling, weighted squats, etc.
  • the main exercises are supplemented with pushups, dips, crunches, etc.
  • 7 - 8 main exercises with 4 minute interval each
  • approx. 10 sets

Everyone can set their own pace and intensity. Weights can be varied and if you decide to do two-minutes intervals or only 6 sets instead, that is fine also.