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Trail running

Cardio-vascular fitness is essential for mountaineering. So run. But running in Accra is not always fun. Traffic, garbage, heat, etc. make it sometimes a less desirable experience. But you still need to run.

Consequently, at least once every six weeks we offer you the opportunity to run in nature. We have a series of trail runs with varying distances and levels of difficulty. 

To participate, you need to be a regular runner already and you need to be sure-footed and have experience running off-trail.

GM Trail Runs

Iogaga Summit

Distance: approx. 8 km
Difficulty: difficult, partly very steep, difficult trail

Krobo Traverse

Distance: approx. 8 km
Difficulty: moderate, partly very steep, mostly on-trail

Osuwangyo Standard

Distance: approx. 10 km ( 3.8 km uphill )
Difficulty: easy, moderately steep, on-trail

Around Iogaga

Distance: approx. 12 km
Difficulty: easy, mostly on-trail, few moderate ascents

Around Kranbote

Distance: approx. 12 km
Difficulty: easy, flat, mostly on-trail

Osuwangyo Traverse

Distance: approx. 12 km
Difficulty: difficult, partly very steep, partly off-trail


Distance: 14 km
Difficulty: easy, mostly on trail, mostly flat

Across the plains

Distance: approx. 25 km
Difficulty: easy, flat, off-trail

What you need

  • pair of good running shoes, preferably trail running shoes for better grip
  • camel pack or small backpack with an inlet for the hydration pack
  • sun protection ( hat & lotion )
  • depending on the distance: energy bars, etc. 

for the longer, more difficult trail runs,
we reserve the right to deny participation if

– the participant is unknown to us
– we find the footwear unsuitable
– the participant cannot carry enough water

  • start with an easy trail run and move up
  • some of the more difficult trail runs do not offer the possibility to stop and wait for the group to return nor do they offer the possibility to turn around
  • do not underestimate the heat
  • a trail run guide can at any time reduce the pace to accommodate slower runners
  • we run as a group and return as group
  • our trail run guides carry first aid packs