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"It’s always further than it looks. It’s always taller than it looks. And it’s always harder than it looks."

Reinhold Messner

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Mountaineering is many things. It is climbing, panoramic views, and a wilderness experience. For many, it is the fulfillment of childhood dreams; for others, an opportunity to grow in the face of difficulty. In the mountains await adventure and mystery and lifetime bonds with climbing partners. The challenge of mountaineering offers you a chance to learn about yourself by venturing beyond the confines of the modern world. 
( from Freedom of the Hills, THE MOUNTAINEERS BOOKS )

Ghana Mountaineers

Many say Ghana has no mountains, “only hills”. And while it is true that we do not have high alpine summits and glaciers, we do have stunning nature with seemingly impenetrable jungles, unclimbed cliffs, unexplored caves, rivers, waterfalls, and quiet and beautiful places out in the bush where you have the feeling that you are hundreds of miles from any civilization.

Our true love for nature,  the craving to explore, our liking of physical exercise, the opportunity to meet like-minded, great people, and the wish to escape the hustles of the city and the modern world together with our outdoor and mountaineering skills are what makes us Ghana Mountaineers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stay informed about GM activities?

We publish our events on our Website Calendar, Instagram and on Facebook.

Approx. 2 weeks to 10 days before an activity or event  we send out detailed info to our mailing list. If you want to subscribe to the list, send an email to

How do I register for an event?
What do I need to bring?

To get started, you need to have good shoes, a backpack, and a cap for sun protection.

For many of the other activities, you need additional equipment which can mostly be borrowed from us.

Check the packing lists.

Do I need to be super-fit?

You do not need to be super-fit. Some of the longer and more difficult hikes however require endurance and strength. Start with an easier hike if you are not sure and work your way up.

The biggest problem in Ghana is the heat. You need to protect yourself against the sun with hat and drink, drink, drink. Water. 


Is it ok to hike in shorts?

It depends. On standard hikes, shorts are fine.

But on some of the other hikes, we have to pass through dense vegetation, usually full of vines and maybe thorns.

How much water do I need to carry?

We recommend one liter of water per hour of hiking.

There is no safe drinkable water in the bush and while in the early hours you will probably not need one liter per hour you will see that later during the day, the water is just running through you.

Better safe than sorry.

Where can I buy quality hiking boots in Ghana?

Short answer: You can’t.

But Decathlon Ghana usually has some very reasonably priced, medium-quality hiking boots and shoes that will do until you have the opportunity to buy some really good boots.

Also, if you have the time and the nerve, you will be able to find good used and sometimes even new boots on the local markets like Makola market, etc. 

We have had hikers who bought really good boots there for less than USD 10.00.

What happens if I have an accident or emergency?

On each of our activities, we have at least one guide who is trained in outdoor first aid and carries a first aid kit as well as the equipment to evacuate you to the nearest accessible road. From where you will be taken to the next hospital or back to Accra.

If you have a medical pre-condition like allergies, you must inform us and carry the necessary medication. You also have to show us where you carry that medication.

But, we need to stress: We have been hiking, climbing, and exploring in Ghana for more than two decades without any serious accidents or injuries.

Of course, we don’t consider bruises, cuts, and scratches an injury. 🙂