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Tagbo River Canyoning

3 Days


3 Day Trip with Transport to Liate Wote, the main event is a 2 Day Activity.

Availability: November – March

Prerequisites: high level of fitness, sure-footed, no fear of heights, experienced in off-trail hiking and outdoor camping, advanced rappel skills, self-rescue skills

Guide Ratio: max. 2 participants per guide

Max Number of participants: 6

You need to bring: good shoes ( hiking boots preferred ), a 30 – 40 liter backpack to carry your personal stuff, drinking water, food, climbing equipment

We provide: experienced and qualified guide(s), all climbing equipment, dinner on day 1, breakfast on day 2, one-person mosquito domes, sleeping mat

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Day 1 :

Leave Accra at 09:00 AM and arrive in Liate Wote at 02:00 PM.

Lunch at 02:30 PM at the Lodge. Relax at the lodge.

Dinner at 07:45 PM

Leave Liate Wote at 05:30 AM and ascend in approx. 3 hours Aduadu via Afadzato.

After a short break, continue the hike in about 2 hours to the entry point of the Tagbo river canyon. This is completely off-trail and the route changes depending on conditions. Several waterfalls along the way need to be either downclimbed or rappelled alongside.

Hike along the river takes about 4 – 6 hours ( depending on conditions ) until we reach the campsite near the top of the upper falls. We set up camp and prepare dinner, then spend the night in the jungle.

Day 3 :

The next morning, after breakfast we continue off trail along the river to the top of the upper Tagbo Falls. From there it is a two-pitch rappel of in total about 40 meters to the base of the upper falls.

Then a short scramble to the top of the lower falls. Rappel in 4 pitches alongside the Tagbo Waterfall to the base of the falls. Total height approx. 140 meters.

From there one hour hike back to Liate Wote where we should arrive in time for lunch.

Leave Liate Wote at 01:00 PM and arrive in Accra at 07:00 PM.


How much does it cost?

On request, please write all enquires to our email

What are the skills required?

Sure footed, advanced rappelling, outdoor living

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Tagbo River Canyoning