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Ghana Mountaineers

Don't be betrayed by destinations. The Beauty is in the Walking.

We regularly organize hikes in Ghana. Most of the hikes have a duration of a day and we always try to finish the hikes before the biggest heat of the day. Some hikes take longer, maybe two or three days, and we usually spent the nights in guesthouses but sometimes also in tents in the bush.

We offer different types of hikes with different fitness and skill levels and apart from our public hikes, we also offer customized hikes for individuals and organisations. Check in our event calendar to see what hikes are coming up and find out what type of hike it is and what fitness and skill level it has.

Many of our hikes are in the Accra Plains and the Volta region. We also offer hiking in other parts of Ghana, please check about these in our tours section.


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GM Hikes

Standard Hike

A typical standard hike has a total hiking duration of 2 - 4 hours and usually involves climbing of a "mountain". No climbing skills are required and the hike follows trails without much vegetation overgrowth. There might be some steep parts, but usually it is a rather relaxed hike. There is usually a break to have breakfast or even a bush BBQ and by around noon we relax somewhere for a drink.

These hikes are ideal for beginners or hikers who want to try out how they cope with the weather and the hiking conditions in Ghana. Since there are no real time constraints or problematic sections, it is also ideal for bird watchers and photographers.

But don't be fooled: you WILL sweat and it is still a nice exercise.

Advanced Hikes

These are similar to the Standard Hikes, however they do not always follow trails and sometimes will lead through heavy underbrush and vegetation.

Some scrambling might be involved and possibly in some parts we will have to setup a belay for safety.

Also, the hiking duration and distance is usually bigger than in standard hikes. Typically you can expect 5 - 6 hours of hiking and due to the difficulty of the terrain it might be physically and mentally challenging.

But it is lots of fun and certainly a great exercise.


Overnight Hikes

Overnight hikes involve setting up camp in the bush and spending the night in a tent or openly under the stars. These hikes are a combination of standard and advanced hikes. It very much depends which trail or non-trail we choose. The duration is 2 - 3 days. A typical overnight hike is something like the following:

On the first day we take off early in the morning and hike for about 3 - 4 hours till we need to take cover from the sun. When the biggest heat is over we continue for approx another hour where we will meet the transport vehicle with the tents, equipment and provisions we will need for the night. We will have to carry these to the final camp site and hopefully camp is fully setup before night fall.

Second starts with sunrise and a bush Breakfast. We then hike to the final destination where we will meet our transport vehicle again. This is another 3 - 4 hours of hiking.

Overnight hikes offer a fantastic opportunity to see some wildlife and spending a night in the bush is a unique experience.



River Hikes

We have a couple of hikes that follow along and inside rivers. We usually need about half an hour to hike to the river and will then hike through dense forest and jungle along the river and in the river to our destination. The hiking distance is not much, usually between 3 - 5 km, but you need to move slowly and concentrate on every step, due to the difficulty of the terrain. For 1000 meters river hike we therefor calculate 60 - 90 minutes.

River Hikes are for advanced hikers, but they truly are amongst our most beautiful hikes. You are surrounded by jungle and nature and  while slowly moving through the water will feel like being in another world. 



Endurance Hikes

Endurance hikes are long and tough. Expect 7 - 10 hours of hiking per day in difficult to very difficult terrain. 

The main purpose of endurance hikes is to exercise and to build endurance. But also to test equipment and to prepare for bigger mountaineering projects.

These hikes are not for beginners and you need to be physically fit to participate.


Speed Hikes

Similar to Endurance Hikes, Speed Hikes are mainly to exercise and to build stamina. Since the main objective on theses hikes is to cover ground as quickly as possible you will be provided with the necessary information and tools to find your way and will then have to navigate on your own.

Our most exciting speed hike is the "Three Peaks Challenge", but we have a variety of speed hikes covering between 3 km and 20 km.

Again, these hikes are not for beginners. You need to be physically fit and need to have some basic navigation skills.

Night Hikes

Typically a night hike will be during full moon. Hiking in a moon lit night lets you experience a unique atmosphere of the plains and the forest. Movement becomes much slower, everything becomes quiet and your senses will sharpen. There is a good chance of seeing some wildlife, especially in the early morning hours of a night hike.

We usually start the hike around 09:00 PM and will hike about 2-3 hours to a place where there is a good chance of observing some wildlife. We can then either hike back after a break or wait till day break before we head back.



Educational Hikes

Educational Hikes are standard or advanced hikes but we bring along an expert who can tell us something about plants or birds, geology of the area, herbal medicine, bush-craft, etc. The focus of these hikes is not so much on the hiking itself but on learning something about the nature in which we move around.

These hikes often have to be organised on short notice due to the availability of the skills and knowledge experts.

Some of the educational hikes are only open for Premium Subscribers.

Explorer Hikes

On these hikes we check and explore new trails and terrain. We find new rock climbing sites and test camping sites, etc.

The outcome of these hikes is never sure, that is why explorer hikes are GM only, sometimes Premium Subscribers will be invited.